Sunday, April 21, 2013

view from side stage

Last week I spoke at the Shelton PUD. The presentation was brought to the community by Hood Canal Communications, Peninsula Federal Credit Union, and Our Community Credit Union. I met so many wonderful people. And isn't the PUD facility gorgeous? I like Shelton.

This is the photo I snapped before I took the stage.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chinese Book Cover

I finally have the artwork for the Chinese edition of my book!

Front Page

Back Page

Sunday, June 03, 2012

eWomen's Network

I recently spoke at the Bellevue / Seattle Chapter Chapter of eWomenNetwork. My topic was "How to Land a Book Deal". It's the first time I've presented on that topic and I had a lot of fun. The women there (and yes, the men too) were so very nice and I met some really great people. I highly recommend them if you are trying to grow your business. It's a vibrant, strong networking group.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Lynnwood Rotary

Yesterday I visited the Lynnwood Rotary and had such a fantastic time. They are a great club. Everyone I met was so nice and I was really impressed to hear about the outstanding work they are doing in the Edmonds School district. I am lucky to have them as part of my community.

After my presentation, a few people bought some books. The club's Program Co-Chair, Bob Fuller, sent me this photo later in the day and I just love it. I don't know why. It's not a particularly good photo, but it makes me smile nonetheless.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


When my book first published, I visited several cities for book signing events. When I travel, I always contact the Rotary club of the town I am about to visit and ask if they want me to speak at their meeting. I've had such a good time doing these presentations that I’ve started hitting up Rotary clubs in my own state.

So far I’ve presented to 18 Rotary clubs. I speak about how anyone can be a better boss by employing some of the skills we learn as parents. It's good advice for anyone - whether or not they are a parent. Since most people in Rotary are advanced business people, the topic is relevant.

I love it. I spend an hour with good people, I get to practice my presentation and try out new material and I usually sell a book or two (Oh, and I always get a delicious meal – what’s not to love about that?)

Are you a member of Rotary? Book me to speak. My presentation is short, funny, and perfect for the audience. I’ve been a member of Emerald City Rotary for several years so I know about the organization and the values they hold. My message is very Rotarian-esque.

Here is the list of places I’ve been and places I’m going:

Emerald City Rotary
Olympia Rotary
The Huron Rotary
Richland Rotary Club
Rapid City Rotary
Palm Desert Rotary
Northshore Rotary
Vashon Rotary
Mansfield Rotary
Ballard Rotary
Redmond Rotary
Mercer Island Rotary
Rotary Club of Seattle Northeast
South Center Tukwila Rotary
Edmonds Rotary
West Seattle Rotary
Oak Harbor Rotary
South Everett Mukilteo Rotary

On deck:

Lynnwood Rotary (March 1)
North Seattle Rotary (March 20)
Rotary Club of Centennial Hill - Las Vegas (March 28)
Las Vegas Central Rotary (March 28)
Bellevue Overlake Rotary (March 21)
Rotary Club of Kingston – North Kitsap (April 18)
Bellevue - Overlake Rotary (April 18)
Des Moines Rotary (May 2)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

National Youth Involvement Board

I've just been invited to speak at this conference in August.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Michigan Thought of Me

In September, I visited the Michigan Credit Union League and gave a presentation on the ten most intriguing products for 2012.

Here are the ratings I received:

If you can't read it:

23% "Greatly Exceeded Expectations"
64% "Exceeded Expectations"
9% "Met Expectations"
5% "Almost Met Expectations" (otherwise known as - "there's one in every crowd")